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      来源:中国在职研究生招生信息网 时间:2017-12-28


      1.C. how
      2. B. In particular
      3. D. necessary
      4. C. optimism
      5. D. change
      6. B. measured
      7. A. Sure
      8. D. headquartered
      9. A. explain
      10. B. factors
      11. A. desirable
      12. B. held

      13. A. attribute
      14. D. experienced
      15. C. also
      16. D. equally
      17. C. While
      18. C. hints
      19. A. shape
      20. B. lean towards


      21 答案 B remodel the way of thinking.

      22 答案 D interest

      23 答案 A help students learn other computer languages

      24 答案 C become better prepared for the digitalized world

      25 答案 B persuade

      26 答案 A its drastically decreased population

      27 答案 C granted less federal regulatory powers

      28 答案 A agree to pay a sum for compensation

      29 答案 D the states

      30 答案 C environmental groups

      31 答案 D what deep reading requires cannot be guaranteed.

      32 答案 B make passing time fulfilling

      33 答案 D achieve immersive reading

      34 答案 A reading becomes your primary business of the day

      35 答案 B How to Find Time to Read

      36 答案 B having a family with children

      37 答案 C attach importance to pre-marital finance

      38 答案 D reach almost all aspects of American life

      39 答案 D getting established is harder for the young

      40 答案 C His parents’ good life has little to do with a college degree.


      41. [C] Express your emotions
      42. [E] Be easily pleased
      43. [A] Be silly
      44. [B] Have fun
      45. [D] Don’t over think it





      Dear Jack,

             I’m writing to express my gratitude for your congratulation on my success in the translation contest.  As for translation, I'd like to share my personal view here with you.

             The first and most important thing is to lay a solid foundation, to accumulate a large number of English Vocabularies and also to obtain extensive background knowledge. Moreover, you should keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so translate as much as possible and you should notice the difference between the two languages during your practice. Last but not least, you will never make great progress if you cannot do this with perseverance.

           I hope my suggestions will be helpful to you. I am looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Let’s keep in touch to share things we experience in our learning.



                                                                                                                 Li Ming


               As we can see from the situation, traveling has become a common phenomenon among the students in university while the purposes are quite different. 37% of the students tour for the purpose of sightseeing; the purpose of relieving stress coming the next, and the students holding such purpose accounting for 33%; purpose of making friends or cultivating independence just takes a small part. This, without question, has aroused wide concern.

               Some driving factors that contribute to the above-mentioned phenomenon may be summarized as follows. First and foremost of all, it is the instinct of the university students who are young and energetic, and are eager to go out to see and experience more when they enjoy the natural beauty. Secondly, We have to admit that learning is not an easy job for the students in the university. They need to get much knowledge for the preparation of entering the society. And they are facing more competition ever than before even though they are just in the university. Therefore, they need a way to relieve stress and travelling can help. 

               Based upon what has been discussed above, I do hold that travelling should be encouraged rather than discouraged in the university. The relevant authorities should play a positive role in guiding this trend. Only in this way, I firmly believe, will our life and society be made better.







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